Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Release of AngularPrime 0.2

I have put the code for the new AngularPrime version online. To test it out, there is also a demo application that contains the documentation.
For the impatient one, here is the link to the artifacts.
Between the 0.1 and this version there are a lot of changes made. Here are the most important ones
  • It is now a proper AngularJS module with the name ''
    So you can add the javaScript file(s) and put the following code
    var demo = angular.module('demo', ['']);
    This registrates all the directives and allows the primeUI widgets to be used in an AngularJS application

  • Individual files for widgets and minified versions
    The code for each widget can be added separately to your application.  Don't forget to include the core. It is needed in all cases.
    There exists also a version which contains all the widgets and minified versions of all the files.

  • Better integrated with AngularJS.
    There is now integration for ngDisabled, ngChange, ngOptions etc where appropriate. have a look at the demo application and the examples what you can achieve

  • Based on PrimeUI 0.8
    This integration is based on the latest version of PrimeUI which is available. Especially the autocomplete features are really nice. I have detected a few minor issues with the PrimeUI version.  They are reported but already fixed in this integration code.
    Also the primeUI code is extended to allow a better integration with AngularJS.

  • Correct functional behaviour
    The integration is now also correct. In the previous version, it was still possible to clock on a disabled button.  These kind of situations are now resolved.
    However, there will be issues in certain use cases as the code is only tested with the demo application.

The demo application requires a server for delivering of the files as it works with partial HTML files. As I'm coming for a javaEE world, I used jetty webserver for this purpose as I can integrate it with the maven build process that I have set up for creating the widget script files.

I have already a few planned tasks for the next releases of the module

  • Integrate new versions of PrimeUI
    There are also new version s of PrimeUI pla,nned with menu widgets (0.9) and table widget (1.0). As they are released, I'll integrate them into AngularPrime

  • Support for dynamic content of some widgets
    For widgets like accordion, tabview and lightbox it should be possible to define the items in an array in the model/scope.  Now they are fixed in the page. I'll try with ngrepeat or a custom diretive that has the same syntax.

  • Improve code
    There are some improvements that can be made to the code. restructuring things, grouping similar code etc ...

  • Improve the documentation
    The demo application is for the moment the only documentation that there exists. Based on some examples you can see the available functionality and how you should encode it. The idea is also to write some kind of cookbook that explains it better.

If you have found bugs (there will be) or you have an enhancement request, let them know in the issue page of the stateless prime project on github

Also, if you like the widget library that I made, let me know on the site.

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